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Gift Directory simply makes it easier
connecting wholesale buyers and sellers to their marketplace.

Retailers / Wholesale Buyers

Cruise through our database, we're home to 1000's of suppliers, masses of new products and we are jam packed with store support, hints and helpful tips.

You'll find everything you need 24/7.

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We're helping your customers find you around-the-clock, so you'll constantly be on show. Grab a slice of the action; show off your products, share your story.

It's easy for retailers to see what's what and contact you directly.

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Not one of the above?

Maybe you're someone that can't be categorised

  • you're a buyer, but not a traditional shop
  • a corporate buyer
  • a promotional company
  • an interior decorator
  • a kindergarten who buys lots of toys
  • or perhaps work within the industry as a commission agent or media personnel.

We're here for you too – so jump onboard and explore away.

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It's true, we're predominately the gift, toy, homewares and stationery sectors – that's why we're called However, many of the services and products you'll find here fit the broad retail domain – eft-pos, lighting, shopfitting solutions, security measures, add-on products and staff support – we're got you covered.

A Directory for all…

We'll keep you in the know with industry news updates, showroom openings, success stories, mergers, events and much more – you won't ever be short of the hip and happening.

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